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Exterior Painting


All exterior surfaces are washed down and primed before painting has started. Loose paint is scraped off and cracks filled in. The surface is sanded to ensure a smooth surface, before the paint is applied.

MG Value Painting & Property Services
If you give us a call we can give you a free quote of the job required.
MG Value Painting & Property Services

Exterior Walls

Are you considering getting the outside of your house painted this year? If it is four or more years since you last got it painted then definitely you should get your house painted this year. Aside from the fact your house will look great again it also protects your house walls from damage from the weather.

We use either smooth or textured paint depending on the surface of your walls. We use a combination of brush and a roller to cover the surface area.

We give advice on colour of the wall and other surfaces that looks well together in a nice colour scheme.

Wood Surfaces

Do you still have wooden fascias and soffits below the roof of your house? Again if it is four or more years since last painted then this year would be a good time to get them checked and repainted. Contact us at 01 5255796 and George at M&G Value Painting can give you a quote.

If you have wooden front door we can varnish or paint it, if that is all you want done. Contact us if you want a quote.

We recommend colour for your wood surfaces. We use a coat of undercoat and finish with a High Gloss.

Metal Surfaces

Do you need your side gate or front entrance gates painted? Or your metal fence? Is your garage door beginning to rust? Painting the metal early makes good sense to avoid having to replace your gate in years to come. A gate primed and painted on a regular basis (every two to three years) will last for many years.

We use metal paint for metal surfaces and prime the surface before giving finishing coat.

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